Yılmaz Ayakkabı Co Ltd. was established in 1984 in Istanbul. The target of our company’s establishment is to manufacture polyurethane soled comfort and safety shoes.

In the beginning the company started its production with 900 pairs of shoes. During the years it shows continuous development and grows up both in production and capacity. Today the company’s production is 3000 pairs per day. Meanwhile, our sales have expanded among the country and our market share has extended in the sector. In addition, our brand of “Yılmaz” has become a well-known brand among the footwear sector. Our product line has extended day by day. Also increasing employment is one of our main targets.

Our company mission is to provide high quality services among the shoe sector as well as to develop technological solutions in order to reach high level of customer satisfaction. Our company gives importance to the services based on individuals and it takes aim to follow customer-oriented services.

Our company vision is to give importance to both customer satisfaction and the quality of the services. Our privileged aim is to assure information and experience to the customer in order to be in contact with him about the quality of the product by evaluating both customer and company opinions together to reach the right solutions.